Etsy Basics: Attributes

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I’m fairly new to Etsy and I haven’t used any other selling platforms, so I have nothing to compare Etsy to. That said, I think Etsy’s way of listing products is pretty damn good. It’s fairly foolproof and after the first couple of listings I made I found it really easy to work with. It definitely has some setbacks, for example, I would love it if I could add more than two variations, and it is quite slow to create a listing from scratch. Once you’ve got some listings on the go though, you can copy listings and just change titles and photos and tweak your descriptions and tags. Enough of that though, let’s talk about attributes.

Attributes help you get found in filtered searches. So if you are listing a phone case and you select that the primary colour is blue, when someone searches for a phone case and checks ‘blue’ in the colour filter, your phone case will be in that filtered search. The more attributes you add, the more likely your product is to be found if a buyer selects a lot of individual filters.

The category that your listing falls into dictates which attributes you are able to add. I have found that most of my listings fall into newer categories that don’t have as many attribute options, but I read that Etsy constantly reviews categories and attributes, based on how buyers search, so it’s still worth learning about how they work.

My main take away from reading up on attributes is that it is best to be accurate. Don’t select attributes that don’t apply to your listing. It won’t appeal to the buyer, it will just irritate them when they see a green bag in a filtered search for pink bags. It is also not worth listing your item in a less appropriate category just to make use of the extra attribute options. Your best plan of attack is to categorise your products accurately and make use of all the attributes that apply to them. This way shoppers who are looking for what you are selling, will be the ones who see it.

So, there is my first Etsy lesson. It’s mainly just me processing what I have read across different articles and putting it into one place. Essentially, I’m revising! Hope there’s something in there that you can use, if I’m wrong about anything or I have missed something, do let me know!

Au revoir for now!

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