Etsy Basics: Tags

Up next in my beginner’s guide by a beginner is tags.

The first and most important rule for tags is to make sure you are using all of them. Next up is to try and think like a buyer. Work out what a customer might search for to find your product. It might be ‘gifts for…’ so decide who your products might be sent to- age, gender, relationship, profession etc- and stick that straight into your tags. Try to cover all possible descriptions for what you sell and remember a customer may not know the technical terms, but they know how they want it to look. Visually descriptive tags are therefore very valuable.

Try to use your character allowance in each tag, a three letter word would be a waste of a full tag. Diversify your tags, to cover more buyer searches. That said, keep your tags accurate, don’t add in some things that might be popular searches if they do not apply to your listing.

Spelling! Etsy accounts for regional differences for some phrases, jewellery for example would show up in a search for jewelry. They also combine plurals into searches for single items, so you needn’t use up tags by writing ‘small blue bowl’ and ‘small blue bowls’, they’ve got that covered. Etsy will correct a buyer’s misspellings too, so there’s no benefit to purposely misspelling words in your tags.

When it comes to your titles, it is good practice to put your most accurate and descriptive keywords in your title, then copy and paste it straight into your tags. You do not need to put all your tags in your titles though. Etsy search will favour items that have direct matches for a search in both the title and the tags, so just use your best ones.

Finally, keep an eye on keyword trends and update your tags accordingly. This may include changing seasonal tags or copying tags from your most popular listings, to other applicable listings.

That’s what I’ve learned for now. I’m currently reworking my tags on all my listings so I will let you know how it goes! Happy tagging 🙂

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