Etsy Basics: Titles

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I’m going to level with you, I don’t know what the best strategy is for titles.

In the Etsy Seller Handbook, it says that short, descriptive titles are more popular with customers, that long titles can be confusing. I get that, as a buyer, I don’t like seeing those long titles that say things like ‘Personalised Wine Glass, Custom Wine Glass, Gift for Mum, Gift for Girlfriend, Bridesmaid Gift…’ etc. etc. I find it looks messy and feels spammy. I want the title to look concise, but maybe that’s just me.

On the other hand, shouldn’t you make the most of the characters you are given to show up in as many searches as possible? I’ve joined a lot of Facebook groups for Etsy sellers, some are more helpful than others. My favourite is Etsy Underachievers, the admins are super helpful and have no time for unnecessary criticism on posts. Now they regularly advise using all of those characters in the title, and that makes sense to me too. Maybe it’s worth having an untidy title if it means your listing pops up in seven searches rather than one.

I’d 100% go with this approach if it wasn’t in direct opposition to the Etsy Seller Handbook. Right now I have some listings with longer titles, some are shorter and I haven’t seen a huge difference between how the listings are doing. I’m going to wait a little while and see whether either approach seems to work better. One thing I am sure of though, regardless of the length of your title, copy and paste it straight into tags, Etsy’s algorithm just likes that. One more thing, the start of your title needs to include the best of your descriptive keywords. Customers scrolling through search results only see the start of your title so it needs to say exactly what you are selling, to get people to click on your listing instead of the one next to it.

I’m sorry that’s not super clear, I’m still learning the ins and outs of Etsy SEO. Maybe I’ll post an update once I’ve figured out what works for me. Until then, good luck with your titles, may they bring you many, many customers!

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